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      Stittsville - rp - rleton Place - Almonte

      Built and managed by Inverness Homes

      Where home is a place that offers more possibilities
      than responsibilities

      Well built. Well managed.

      Inverness Homes builds and manages luxury rental communities. Our vision is to create a true sense of community for our residents, by fostering active living, creating opportunities to connect with neighbours, and providing spaces to gather with friends and family. We want every Inverness home to be a place that offers our residents more possibilities than responsibilities.

      Great lotions, the right on-site amenities, premium finishes and high quality construction are the hallmarks of an Inverness community.

      Home freedom.

      Whether you're downsizing, making a transition, or just simplifying your life, renting your home offers a lifestyle full of possibilities. Leave the property taxes, condo fees, upkeep and maintenance to someone else, and enjoy the freedom to focus on the things you really want to do. Host family and friends with ease, or lock and leave and rest assured knowing your home is well looked after until you return.

      Well built.

      We bring more than 15 years of custom home building experience to our luxury rental communities. Good building principles and energy efficiency are the foundation of every Inverness project. Curb appeal is non-negotiable. Our exterior finishes are inspired by nature - wood and stone - and our professionally-designed interiors focus on light, premium finishes and great use of space.

      Well managed.

      Our vision is to create a sense of community for our residents. That means cultivating the opportunities offered by the lotion and property amenities. Beautifully-maintained lawns and gardens for you to enjoy. Spaces and opportunities for socializing, or connecting with neighbours. A property management approach that's approachable, accessible and attentive.

      New Communities

      The Dundee

      Two-bedroom suites still available!

      127 Boyd Street, rleton Place

      Huntley Hollow

      Live the Village Life

      New 55+ Community in the Heart of rp

      The Station

      Revitalizing history as a place for lols to live, gather, and work

      One- & Two-Bedroom Suites on Stittsville Main St.

      Riverfront Apartments

      Premium Rentals on the River's Edge

      255 Joanna Street, Almonte

      Register Now

      The Amberwood Five

      Modern Homes FOR SALE

      Amberwood Golf Course, Stittsville

      Who is Inverness Homes?

      Inverness Homes is privately owned and operated by Kyle MacHutchon and Melissa Kruyne of Stittsville, Ontario.

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      ©Inverness Homes. All Rights Reserved

      Experience. Quality workmanship. Focus on community.

      Inspired by his father who was a lol builder, Kyle started working in the construction industry at a young age. He created Inverness Homes, a home building company that builds in smaller markets throughout the Ottawa Valley.

      With over 30 years of experience in building and managing homes, today his vision is to create luxury rental communities: with a variety of home styles, premium finishes, plenty of curb appeal, and the right amenities.

      “Well built. Well managed.” reflects the commitment to quality building, and the desire to create a sense of community for residents.

      As people who value personal connections themselves, Kyle and Melissa want every Inverness home to be a place that offers more possibilities than responsibilities. Great re is taken to create the spaces and amenities to do so.

      Donna & Ron

      "After selling our home in rleton Place and weighing the pros and cons of buying versus renting, we decided we’d rather free up my pital to spend on traveling. We were looking to rent a home with two bedrooms, two baths, and a finished basement. We still ended up with plenty of space. We had been going from one house tour to the next, but nothing gave us that ‘wow’ feeling. As soon as Kyle brought us to tour this home, we knew it was the one. Before renting from Inverness we felt trapped in a home that no longer suited our lifestyle, now we have the freedom to travel and experience life to the fullest.”

      Jean-Claude & Nancy

      “Each year we used to spend 6 months in Florida and 6 months in an RV in nada, but in 2016 we had to say goodbye to our cottage in Florida. We decided it was time to find a permanent home. We wanted to rent but we were worried about finding something that really felt like us. My sister in law was renting from Inverness Homes and we wanted something just like it. The appeal of country living with access to the city was impossible to pass up. We’ve never seen rental homes like this before. Inverness never leaves us waiting in the dark for answers or help. Kyle made us feel right at home and introduced us to neighbourhood on the first day. We went from feeling stranded to feeling like we had been living here all along. It’s a perfect fit.”


      “I was at the point where my house just wasn’t the right fit for me anymore. I was feeling stressed with the amount of space going to waste and by holding on to things I just didn’t need anymore. I wanted to stay in the area; I love the Almonte community and wanted to continue my life here. Inverness Homes was offering just what I needed: a semi-bungalow with a perfect view. My new neighbours are incredibly thoughtful and ring. Inverness Homes builds more than just houses, they build communities. This has been a great transition for me. I have so much more me-time!”


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